The Solution to a Zero-Waste Kid's Wardrobe

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I’ve recently become obsessed with zero-waste living - at least in theory. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to live a life in modern-day America without producing waste. The more we consume (and I, for one, consume a lot), the more we throw away! I feel so wasteful, and I don’t even have children. I can’t imagine the waste that comes from a busy, full, loving household.

Let’s try and find some ways to help this planet. If not for us, then for our children - they are going to inherit what we leave behind, including waste.

I watched a TED talk a couple of months ago that has stuck with me. In it, Vigga Svensson talks about creating less waste in one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. Through her long-loved children’s clothing company, Vigga created a brand that would cater to mothers who value having less, and making less of an impact on the planet.

Although it’s pricey, Vigga is a subscription-based clothing brand that goes against “fast fashion” through reusing quality items several times before discarding it. Parents are sent clothing that fits their child, and when, inevitably, their child grows out of the items, they send it back rather than giving it away or throwing it away. The item is then repaired and refreshed, and then sent to another family. The parents then receive a new package of quality clothing for their child’s next size and stage of life.

Note: you may not be able to read anything on the website. Why? Because this innovative brand is currently only in Denmark. I’d love to see if there are brands here in the US doing the same or something similar!!

This, my friends, is so exciting to me. I’m kind of “nerding out” about it - what if we could make this work in our small shop community?!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how we can become more zero-waste in how we consume clothing for ourselves and our children? How can we make this type of innovation happen in our community? Comment below!