The Best Ways to Style Your Little's Blooms this Summer

So… a new collection launches Friday at 6PM CST!! Here are some ideas for pairing your blooms with the perfect top!!!

@dearest.honey / @eliandhuds

Custom Tee by Eli + Huds

How adorable is this???? The perfect way to style a pair of blooms this summer… custom tees. Find them here.




I can’t be the only one obsessed with tights and blooms???

Check out some tights at Little Light Feet.

Hand Printed Onesies

How cute is this??? Abbey hand-carves her designs and prints them directly onto the tees, much like my bird and bear teethers!!

Check out her shop here.


@fawnandlace / @hippity.hoppity.nopes


Yet another obsession… for younger babes or toddlers - bonnets are the perfect pairing with blooms to give your little’s days a bit of whimsy and nostalgia.

Some of my fave bonnet makers!

Sweet As April / Fawn and Lace / Pali Handmade


There you have it!!! Our June 7th collection launches Friday - but even if you’re reading in the future, be sure to check our shop for blooms made using reclaimed fabric!