Why Folded Fleet?

I must admit, the name seems strange - but it all started with an idea that sparked joy in my heart. I wanted to see minimal, eco-friendly design created and integrated into nurseries. I’d always loved baby mobiles. Maybe it was my nesting instinct as a childless woman. Regardless of the “why” Folded Fleet grew from a place of authenticity and a desire to be unique and meaningful. It started with a small fleet of soft origami boats attached to a frame.

What is your purpose now?

A lot has changed recently - we bought a new house, my fibromyalgia has been flaring up and making life difficult, and I’ve lost the spark of joy that was there when I began. It’s time for Folded Fleet to change, too. To slow down. To be intentional. My purpose has always been to “save the world,” as my husband puts it, through inspiring design that helps others. That is my purpose, regardless of the details.

Will you still be making heirloom items?

Yes. I will still be sewing, creating, and designing. I’ve just decided to scale back, not focus too hard on the numbers, and stop forcing something because I want results. I’ve changed my perspective - I want to make things because they bring me joy and bring others joy. Not just to make them a number along the way. Each item will have a story that I intend to tell.

What will you be offering in addition to creations?

I want to - first and foremost - offer community. I want to create a space where like-minded mothers and creatives can collaborate freely and dream wildly. As of now, I’m focusing on creating written content and designing heirloom items. In the future, I’m hoping to create audiovisual content and offer coaching services to creatives who want to do good through their design and content. Big dreams, plenty of time.